The Dubbelman Connection!

The Dubbelman Connection exists more than 25 years and gives anyone who is interested in the surname Dubbelman or Dobbelmann, an uniique insight into his/hers own pedigrees and family history.

This site is also available in a Dutch version. Check the right upper corner for the link. For contributions you can e-mail me bij using henk@domainname (eq. fam-dubbelman.net).I understand Nederlands, Englisch, Deutch.

Last pedigree update:10 November 2016 (Russian Dubbelman)
Last website update: 10 November 2016

Henk Dubbelman

Please donate some money when you like this site!

This site is for free and anyone can find out about their history and family pedigree's. But its not free for me to make this website, gather information, use modern tools for this website, and so on. So if you like this site please show it bij donating a little money to me.


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