It's the year 1870, Antonie Dubbelman and his friend tried to steel fish.

The pour people had little money and the judge took that in consideration. But the frends tried to get their hands on a barrel of fish by cunning the man who unloaded the carcgo. Read the depositions,

At 2002 Scot D. Dubbelman was running an illegal druglab

Scott Dewayne Dubbelman and his wife took an enormous risk when running a druglab for the production of amfemamines. Their little three year old son had spores of the drug in his hair.

In 2006 Nathan Miller Dobbelman, was arrested agian.

It seems that Nathan can not leave his PC alone for seeking sex contacts and can't listen to the judge who convicted him for seeking sex contact and distibuting ponographic material to a girl who was still a teenager.

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