Year 1899: Cees Dubbelman in Anglo-Boer war in South Afrika

Cees was printer during the war between the English and the Boers. Dutch farmers emigrated from The Netherlands to South Africa. Later they were called "Boeren" the dutch word for farmers.

Year 1908; Cornelis Dubbelman, Eldest Dutch man

Cornelis Dubbelman was eldest of the Dutch men ever in 1906. He lived a rich life with two wives and healthy to the end. An interview with him is the source of this story.

Year 1941; Aleksanteri Dubbelman, Finnish Veteran of World War II

19 years old Aleksanteri and his family immigrated to Finland in 1943 and joined the Finnish army. After the war the Soviet Union claimed the Ingrian people to itself and sentenced Aleksanteri to 10 years of penalty camp in the other side of the Ural, in a place called Alkino. The climate was extremely harsh there and conditions were poor. However, Aleksanteri survived.

Year 2006; Hoops on a pile, beautifull, Interview with Bas Dubbelman

Hoops on a pile, beautifull Every Monday they spent money to obtain a few portions of liquor, but it did not get to a drinking feast. The drink had nothing to do with a social gathering. The hoop manufacturers drank for courage to come by for the rest of the lengthy workweek. And to forget the poverty.

Year 2006; Marriage Sarah Renee Dubbelman from Salt Lake city, USA

Sarah Renee Dubbelman is a descendant of Thomas Dobbelmann. Some of Thomas descaendants migrated to the Netherlands. There some of their acestors changed their name into Dubbelman and onde family of their descandants emigrate to the USA. The grandparents of Sarah Renee Dubbelman came from the Netherlands.She married in 2006 in Salt Lake City.

Year 2007; Maithe Dubbelman organises toy's for pour kids

Maithe works at DHL (packetserives and logistics), and she got free hand for het action to collect and distribute thousends of packages with toy's to pour children.

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