Cornelis Dubbelman born 30-11-1865
(descendant of Cornelis Jansz. Dubbelman, see also the pedigree)

Cornelis married in the Netherlands 03-06-1885 his wife Geertje Buis. At that time Cornelis was still in the Dutch army so they had to give permission for the marriage. After their only surviving child was born (Pieter), the family emigrated to South Africa (Transvaal) in January 1897. Cornelis was naturalized on 26-10-1897 and appointed as a printer on 22-11-1897 at the Government Printer in Pretoria.

When the tension between the English and the Boers rose, Cornelis volunteered as a member of the Hollander corps, a voluntary organization to assist the Boer forces at the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer war. The war started in October 1899 and Cornelis participated. Below a photo of the Hollanderkorps. Cornelis is the fifth person on the right. hollanderkorps.jpg

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