In a publication in 1908 the following article decribed the death of the eldest Dutch man of that year.

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Mister C. Dubbelman, eldest Dutchman, has been brought to his grave at age of 104, several times he fought a severe struggle of life, but the last years he happily enjoyed a well earned rest.

Two years earlyer the following article was placed in the "Wereldkroniek" of 1 April 1906

English translation|
This week we give two portraits of countryman who more than one century ago have seen life, namely that of the widow C. F. Klein and of Cornelis Dubbelman. De first has been passed away this week in the age of 102 years; Cornelis Dubbelman the more, who will be tomorrow, 2nd of April also celebrate his 102nd birthday, lives happily and healthy in his place of birth Hooge Zwaluwe. At the age of 26, mister Dubbelman married, eight years later his wife died. Fifteen years he maintained widower, then he married again with his current, now 82 years old wife, who gave him in addition of the six children from his first marriage, eight children more. De old man, who's occupation is fisherman, enjoys a perfect health -- he still reads without glasses. He almost never smoked tobacco, but chewed tobacco the more -- how beer tastes like he doesn't know, but he doesn't disapprove of it. As of his 19th year, when he suffered off severe fevers, he hasn't been ill anymore.

 Cornelis Dubbelman, * 2 april 1804 - + 8 april 1908 (Pedigree ofl Jan Dubbelman)


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