Source: Hoepels op een hoop, prachtig, BN / De Stem, 24 juni 2006, Dominique Elshout

Production of willow wood

Every Monday they spent money to obtain a few portions of liquor, but it did not get to a drinking feast. The drink had nothing to do with a social gathering. The hoop manufacturers drank for courage to come by for the rest of the lengthy workweek. And to forget the poverty.

Griendhout.jpgThe willow wood (griendhout) was cut and binded together for transportation to the harbour and then delivered to the hoops manufacturers.

Hoop manufacturers made hoops, in villages and town around the "Biesbosch", like Lage Zwaluwe, Sliedrecht and Hardinxveld. Many people earned their living with the production of hoops, but it was not a rich living, say's Bas Dubbelman (72) from Hooge Zwaluwe. Hit grandfather, Bas, had a hoop factory in Lage Zwaluwe, one out of many. In the early 1900's there were so much as fifteen, twenty of these small factory's, is estimated by Dubbelman. The larger ones occupied ten workers, the smaller ones two or tree. They had an awkward profession, with nice associated words. The wood for the hoops came from the short by the ground pruned willows, which grew at wet grounds, the land that flooded with high tide. De long twines were lengthly split with a 'dissel' into two, or sometimes with a 'klucht' into three twines. The "dissel" and "klucht" are a sort of knifes,

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