Children welcome boxes with toy's at food bank

LEERDAM More than twenty children, whose parents or guardians regularly call on the food bank in Leerdam, received yesterday a toy package . The gift is part of a nationwide action of the staff of courier DHL. In total, the food banks has seven thousand toy packages to distribute. In all branches of the company employees could return second-hand toy's. Their employer then decided suppliers and customers to request a contribution.

The staff of DHL want to give the company a "social face". The workers have subsequently decided to hold a collection for children who live in poverty. "The staff have all this in their spare time regularly",  says initiator Maithe Dubbelman. "We have the objective to make children happy and create enthusiasm among the staff to grow for us to work for good causes.''

The employees of DHL want in the future with various branches local initiatives."In addition, we try each year to organize a nationwide action, '' say's Dubbelman. She thinks the current action is successful. "The children are very pleased with it.''

Source: Extract of Dutch newspaper "Algemeen Dagblad" website http:/ section "Rivierenland" on Wednesday 11 july 2007. 


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