lage_zwaluwe.gifThe name and date of birth' of Lage Zwaluwe and Hooge Zwaluwe are not exactly to place. It's possible that the name originated form a river called the Zwaluw' of Zwaluwe'. In 1346 however the both Zwaluwe's were mentioned as lent by the countess Margaretha van Beieren to Beatrys van Duivenvoorde, married with Roelof van Dalem also called van Dongen.

About this time (1347) the Plague epidemics spread form Sicily and especially the province of Brabant is hit. It is possible that the people of "Hooge en Lage Zwaluwe" lost inhabitants of this disease. The Plague spread mainly through rats. The living conditions for rats in the towns were probably rather good, because of the nearby river and harbour. The plague lasted about four years.

Around 1350 the 'Hoekse and Kabeljouwse twisten' started (Hook and Cod War) in Holland. This will last till abt.1490. It is mainly a confrontation of lower nobility and citizens against higher nobility, but the dividing-line is not sharp at all. The current Biesbosch did not exist yet and the little towns in this region suffered by the many raids.

On 22 januari 1377  the divinity of Zwaluwe was divided into Lage (Low) and Hooge (High) Zwaluwe. Beatrys and her eldest son kept Lage Zwaluwe and Hooge Zwaluwe was given to Margriet van der Lippe, mistress of the Leck and Breda, wife of Jan van Polanen, and her eldest son. With this transaction Hooge Zwaluwe felt to the house of Nassau. In 1404 the son of Beatrys unites the Zwaluwe's in the House van Dongen.

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