The Dutch consignation register contains the money that has been given in custody to the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry has a so called web dossier with the purpose to keep the money in custody until the right owner is been found. The site contains also information about the consignation register fo whom want to put money in custody like notary's and advocates.

The table here under is found at this register

There are restrictions like time period restrictions for having the possibility for claiming the money. I searched 27 July 2008 on Dubbbelman, Dobbelman and Dobbelmann. With no results on Dobbelman and Dobbelmann. On Dubbelman there were six results as shown here. The names can be found in the pedigrees.

Legacy of MW. J.M.J. WOLFF (Johanna Maria Jacoba Wolff):

  • Heirs of ELISABETH ANNA MARIA DUBBELMAN 09-03-1999 | Sum of: € 1.951,67
  • Heirs of MAGDALENA AUGUSTA MARIA DUBBELMAN 09-03-1999 | Sum of: € 1.951,67
  • Heirs of MONSEIGNEUR COENRAAD A.M. DUBBELMAN 09-03-1999 | Sum of: € 975,84
  • PIERRE JOSEPH COENRAAD DUBBELMAN 09-03-1999 | Sum of: € 975,84
  • SABINE MARIA CARLIER-DUBBELMAN 09-03-1999 | Sum of: € 975,84

I've searched the family relations of the tree green marked persons

  • All are of the Pedigree of Thomas Dobbelmann.
  • Elisabeth Anna Maria Dubbelman is the aunt (sister from father) of Monseigneur Coenraad Albert Marie Dubbelman.
  • Magdalena Augusta Maria Dubbelman is the late niece (daughter of the brother of grandfather) of Coenraad.
  • Elisabeth en Magdalena are nieces to each other (daughter of fathers brother).

You would expect that Sabine Maria Carlier - Dubbelman and Pierre Joseph Dubbelman are related to the others and probably great-grandchildren of Caspar Fransiscus Dubbelman and Anna Ram.

Hendrik Dubbelman is not traceable. There are simply to many Dubbelman with the name Hendrik and too less other information.


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