Information about Pedigree's

What is a pedigree? What can I expect from each pedigree and to what pedigree can I reside to?

Russian Dubbelman

The grandfather of Aappo and Ville lived in Russia, in the region of St. Petersburg in the region called Ingria. Their descandants spread during and after Word War II to Finland and Sweden. Its the smallest but most intreaging pedigree. How does a Dubbelman named person got in Russia? With Tsar Peter the great?

Jan Dubbelman

Jan Dubbelman is one of the two ancestors who came from the Netherlands and lived in "Hooge en Lage Zwaluwe". About 36% of all living Dubbelman's is his descendant.

Michiel Dubbelman

The pedigree of Michiel Dubbelman originated and resided in the Township of Hooge en Lage Zwaluwe in The Netherlands. Like the pedigree of Jan Michiel who shares this township as the place where there pedigree thrived. Michiel's pedigree is larger and contains members who where mainly Reformed Protestants instead of Roman Catholics.

Thomas Dobbelmann

Thomas Dobbelmann is not a Dubbelman, but interesting enough this family from Köln, Germany migrated for a part to The Netherlands and some family members changed their name into Dobbelman with one last "N" and later into Dubbelman. The Dobbelman detergent is famous and the eponym is a member of this pedigree.

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