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What is a Pedigree?

A pedigree is the genealogy arrangement of a tribe parents or only one ancestor or progenitor (generation I) with their children (generation II) and all their future descendants, both male and female lines developed. A descendant is a bit like an upturned pedigree. This site is the elaboration of the feminine lines, especially in today's generations to find.

Descendants from the Netherlands

Jan and Michael both came from "Hooge en Lage Zwaluwe, a small community in North Brabant located beneath the Biesbosch in the Netherlands. The two families can be related to each other The two families are linked through various marriages. On the site are the decendants fully elaborated in the form of family cards. There is no common ancestor of Jan and Michiel found yet. So there are two seperate pedigree's.

Descendants from Germany.

Thomas Dobbelmann was born in Cologne, Germany. Descendants of his in the Netherlands ended up partially and slowly in the Netherlands. The name is known by the brand of detergent with the owner; Dobbelman. Later the name changed in Dubbelman and there are several Dubbelman families to find with this ancestor.

Descendants from Eastern Europe

From Russia, Finland, we know the family of Aappo Dubbelman and his brother Ville Dubbelman. Descendants from him are still found in Sweden and Finland and possible Russia. This genealogy is by far the smallest. The resources online are very limited and I don't get enough data from members of this pedigree.

How to find your own ancestors?

If you live in the baltic states, Russia or Sweden. Your ancsestors are to be found in Aappo pedigree.
If you live in the Netherlands and youknow that your grandparentents came fromt the Netherlands. You can look in three of the remaining pedigree's for the name and birth of your grandparents. Try firstt the Michiel pedigree, then the Jan pedigree and last the Thomas Dobbelmann pedigree.


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